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"Parole, parole, parole," in Rome on Saturday, April 20th: the artistic and gastronomic mini-festival for an anti-fascist Europe.

A new intercultural and artistic event labeled Words of Europe is arriving in the Italian capital! Starting from 6 PM, there will be readings, show cooking, and DJ sets featuring Valerio Aprea, Donpasta, Saba Anglana, Betterpress, and Davide Della Monica.

At Collettivo Gastronomico Testaccio

"Parole, parole, parole" (which means: "Words, words, words", a clear nod to the famous 1972 Mina's tune) is a new intercultural and artistic event labeled Words of Europe: a free mini European festival of music, readings, and show cooking, which will take place in the heart of Testaccio, Rome, on April 20th.

Starting from 6:00 PM, Arci Solidarietà (the lead organization of the project) and Mandragola Editrice, in collaboration with the Collettivo Gastronomico Testaccio and Città dell’Altra Economia, will hold a free event open to the public dedicated to an anti-fascist Europe. Readings, visual arts, music, and cuisine for an intercultural event aimed at discussing the future of Europe and, in particular, celebrating a free, democratic, and, above all, anti-fascist Europe. Just a few days away from April 25th, the Liberation Day of Italy from the Nazi-fascist regime, the Words of Europe project symbolically makes a stop in Rome, the beating heart of the Resistance that allowed Italy to free itself from the horrors of the dictatorial regime and transform into a democracy.

The path towards a Europe free from prejudices, discriminations, and all forms of racism, consolidated with the projects and workshops of Words of Europe ongoing for more than a year, thus arrives in Rome for an evening that will involve actors, musicians, and also gastronomic experts to demonstrate that it is possible to discuss democracy and rights in an innovative, inclusive way, and on multiple cultural levels. The keywords of the event will be democracy, anti-fascism, freedom, and peace, creating a platform to share visions of the future Europe.

During the evening, there will be many voices alternating: the reading by the famous cinema and theater actor Valerio Aprea (well-known to the Italian public for the success of the films "Smetto quando voglio" and the TV series "Boris"); the reading and singing performance by the singer, actress, and dubber Saba Anglana, an artist always known for her sensitivity to environmental and social issues; finally, the show cooking by Daniele De Michele, known as Donpasta.

Everything will be accompanied by music curated by Davide Della Monica, a mobile type printing laboratory by Betterpress lab, images by Antonello Carbone, and, in the second part of the evening, a DJ set, again curated by Donpasta, accompanied by the trans-European cuisine and flavors of the Collettivo Gastronomico Testaccio. The Artistic Direction of the event is curated by Daniele De Michele. To underline the importance of the event and the shared values, the vice president of Arci Solidarietà, Mariangela De Blasi, says: "A few days before April 25th, which in Italy is the Liberation Day from Nazifascism, Words of Europe together rewrites the words of anti-fascism, with a free event open to all, involving music, art, and cuisine for a Saturday night dedicated to discussion and participation".