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Words of Europe unleashed: a creative tapestry weaving the future

As the "Words of Europe" project embarks on its seventh phase, partners Arci Solidarietà, Faktor Terminál Egyesület, and Altera APS reveal their captivating visions for the future. These initiatives epitomize the project's commitment to democratic dialogue and creative expression, showcasing a diverse tapestry of methodologies and approaches.

8 March 2024

Words of Europe, a project supported by the European Commission through the CERV program (Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values), is starting its seventh of the ten planned phases over the course of two years: after defining the words of Europe through meetings, debates, and brainstorming, the project continued through 2023 and 2024 with various panels aimed at analyzing the key words that emerged in the meetings and a series of workshops on the European Union, covering topics such as history, institutions, organizations, fake news, and digital media literacy.

This new phase of the project, dedicated to developing and testing a participatory model, will conclude in June 2024. The process will involve refining the model based on testing outcomes, gathering participant questions for candidates, finalizing the model, and expanding training sessions. The culmination will include the online upload of participant proposals, promoting comprehensive and inclusive engagement in shaping the project and contributing to discussions on European values: let's analyze some of the events that will take place all over Europe, curated by our partners, over the next few months.

Arci Solidarietà: Unveiling the future through mini-festivals

In the heart of Rome, Arci Solidarietà is set to captivate audiences with an exploration of the future of Europe. Their plan involves organizing one or more mini-festivals, carefully aligning with Liberation Day from Nazifascism on April 25th in Italy. The keywords for this event resonate with democracy, antifascism, freedom, and peace, creating a vibrant platform for participants to share and craft their visions for Europe's future. The inclusion of DJs, chefs, and artistic corners will add a dynamic touch, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration: a unique feature includes a question collection box for candidates, strategically placed at both the event and Arci Solidarietà's headquarters.

Faktor Terminál Egyesület: Enacting fights, crafting solutions

Meanwhile, Faktor Terminál Egyesület will take a thought-provoking approach by organizing workshops centered on fundamental EU rights. Dignity, equality, justice, rule of law, and non-discrimination become the focal points as interactive theatre education methodologies come into play. Through enactments of scenarios where these rights are challenged, participants engage in discussions and collaborative problem-solving. The workshops, hosted in Budapest, Esztergom, and Kalocsa, will become not only platforms for crafting proposals for the EU's present and future but also spaces for collecting pertinent questions for EU candidates.

Altera APS: Artistic collages shaping the EU narrative

In Turin, Italy, Altera APS introduces a creative collage workshop, leveraging the expertise of an artist deeply immersed in this unique methodology. Participants will utilize the collage technique to visually represent keywords related to the EU collected in previous project phases. The workshop unfolds in two parts—individual creation followed by group discussions to identify commonalities and differences. Each group then presents their insights in a plenary session, contributing to a final debate where questions and proposals for European Parliament candidates are collected.

Building bridges through art, dialogue, and democracy

As the Words of Europe project evolves, these three partners demonstrate a commitment to weaving the future through creativity, dialogue, and active democratic participation. From the lively mini-festivals in Rome to the thought-provoking workshops in Hungary, and the artistic collages taking shape in Turin, the project continues to harness the power of words and art to fuel dialogue, inspire change, and foster connections among participants across Europe. Just as the recent workshops in Hungary saw young minds expressing their concerns through art, the upcoming events promise to add new dimensions to the Words of Europe project.
By intertwining creative expression, democratic dialogue, and the exploration of fundamental rights, these initiatives exemplify the richness and diversity of thought that the project aims to cultivate. As the tapestry of Words of Europe continues to unfurl, it leaves an indelible mark on the journey toward a more connected, informed, and engaged Europe. The power of words and art serves not only as a means of expression but also as a catalyst for meaningful change, shaping a collective vision for the continent's future.