6 May 2024

A jogállamiság játékos gyakorlása / Playing and practising with the rule of law

During our WP7 A KICSIÉRT NAGYON - emberi és uniós jogok - az EU jelene, jövője és jelöltjei / FOR THE LITTLE ONE VERY MUCH - human and EU rights the present, future and candidates of the EU workshops we visited two institutions in Hungary: the Kalocsa Children’s Home, Primary School and Vocational School and the Esztergom Special Children’s Home, Primary School and Vocational School. The inhabitants of the institutions are from marginalized backgrounds, committed crimes and some of them were rescued from child prostitution. They are especially endangered by human trafficking and other forms of crimes and violence, abuses of human rights. During the workshops, we watched a news report about a woman whose son was mistreated because of his autism. After watching the report, using the 'expert drama' methodology, participants could actively exercises their rights of citizenship, of which they were given little or no knowledge beforehand by formulating ideas, questions and proposals for the promotion of equal treatment, the the right to justice, legal security, human dignity and, in general, fundamental, human rights and freedom. Our guest, Viktória Boros (Viki) did not participate in these workshops, however, as someone who used to be an inhabitant of the institution in Esztergom, she shared her insights on the perspectives our experiences brought up.