6 May 2024

Az emberkereskedelem és fiatal női áldozatai / Human trafficking and young women as victims

During our WP3 Európa, Magyarország, jogok és én / Europe, Hungary, rights and me workshops, we visited two institutions in Hungary: the Esztergom Special Children’s Home, Primary School and Vocational School and the Kalocsa Children’s Home, Primary School and Vocational School. The inhabitants of the institutions are from marginalized backgrounds, committed crimes and some of them were rescued from child prostitution. They are especially endangered by human trafficking and other forms of crimes and violence, abuses of human rights. During the workshops, we did an interactive theatre play, using the 'hot seating' method. As part of the play, we discussed in detail how we can recognise forms of human trafficking, how to prevent it and what can we do if we realise we have fallen victim to it. Additionally, we had a conversation about human rights, with a focus on our rights to life, equality, freedom, no slavery and torture and concluded that we must respect our own rights and dignity, as well as that of others. Our guest, Viktória Boros (Viki) participated in one of these workshops, when she was still an inhabitant of the institution in Esztergom. In our conversation, we discussed our experiences of the workshops.